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Miletie industrial co., LTD is a production enterprise specializing in the synthesis of biomaterial products, bio-based products, daily plastic products, semi-finished plastic products, auxiliary materials, pigments, color masterbatch, etc. The company can also provide a series of supporting services such as the design, development and manufacture of moulds for tableware, daily products, rubber products, sanitary ware products and household electrical appliance accessories according to customer requirements.

We also carries out research, production and application of polymer materials, bio-based materials and auxiliary materials. It can provide customer service for product analysis, design and synthesis. We can also carry out modification supporting services for the following materials, including PLA, CPLA, PBS, PMMA, PS, PE, PC, PET, PA, GBPC, ABS.

        Our company adheres to the tenet of honesty, quality first and service foremost, serving all walks of life. Experts and professors in molecular materials science and other scientific researchers are welcome to our company for field investigation, evaluation and cooperation to jointly create a bright future.

We’ll help you live a greener lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint through the products you use on a regular basis.

Our goal is to offer products we all use every day at home and at work that can be replaced with those that are kinder and gentler on the environment.